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Thank you for taking this opportunity to learn about my campaign to become your next City Councilwoman in Mesquite, Nevada.  I look forward to working together to continue to promote economic development, develop affordable housing, improve our education system, provide the necessary support to our senior community, and enhance the public safety of our growing community.  Please use the ‘Contact’ form to reach out to my campaign.

What Am I Running On


With a vote for me you will get:


Continued Business Development and Growth


Encourage both Business retention and improvement as well as to incentivize new businesses


Affordable Housing


Encourage the development of affordable housing to support a growing workforce and support our growing families




Work with schools to bridge the gap between High School graduates and the workforce


Additional Support for Our Youth


The children of Mesquite need additional facilities, programs and activities to become involved in community. They are our future


Senior Community


The all volunteer, not for profit, organizations in Mesquite need to be supported by the city so they can continue to keep Mesquite seniors active and vital both mentally and physically


Safety in the Community


We must continue to support our First Responders. Mesquite needs to be a community these families can live in and support. I understand the challenges and issues that face our First Responders and will work to support them.

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